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Questions & Activities

Here, you can find resources for questions and activities for GBM members to get to know each other. There are shorter activities for Zoom meetings and longer projects to work on with others from your school or other GBM students. 

You can download all of the questions and activities here.

This page is just a starting point. If you have other ideas for projects and questions, please be as creative as you'd like!

Getting to know you

Below is an activity with lots of short, getting-to-know-you questions that are ideal for Zoom meetings and initial meetings.

Sharing More

These activities take a little bit more time (around 5 minutes) to prepare. They're ideal for later meetings when you want to get to know each other more. You are also welcome to come up with your own questions or activities.

Share a clip of your favorite song. What about this song do you like so much?

Share a picture or a video that makes you smile. Tell us why.

Share an object of something that is special to you. Tell us why.

Create a list of five questions you would ask someone from another country to get to know them.

Tell us your life story in five minutes.

Share a video clip from your favorite movie. Why is it your favorite movie and what makes this scene so important?

Share a Jewish object that is special to your family. What is the story of this item?

Tell us about something you’re passionate about. Feel free to share pictures, videos, or objects.

Sharing Even More

Here, you can find ideas for longer-term projects that encourage you to work with and learn from  students around the world and members of your own community. You are also welcome to come up with your own questions or activities.

Make a short video giving a tour of your home, school, synagogue, or somewhere in your city. What would you want to tell someone about this place? What makes it special to you?

Interview someone in your community (a rabbi, teacher, friend, etc.) or a grandparent. You can ask about what it was like to grow up Jewish in your city or have them share about their lives.

Share one of your talents with us (in a photo, video, or audio recording). How did you learn this skill? 

Create something (like a poster, short paragraph, video, or another format) with a member of GBM not from your city about similarities or differences between your city/school/Jewish experience and theirs.

What makes you proud to be Jewish? Answer this question in a paragraph, poem, image, art project, etc. Alternatively, you can create a video where others answer this question too.

With another member of GBM, discuss Jewish traditions that your family and/or community do. What makes them special to you? What similarities or differences did you find? Create a short powerpoint or art project to display what you learned.

Make a short video showing us a day in your life as a student at your school. 

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