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Global Beit Midrash

We live in a world in which it seems that Jews are divided not only by borders, but also by religious, cultural, and socio-economic differences. But the digital era offers us a powerful opportunity: to cross those borders and to explore, study and share our Jewish lives with each other. We do this via four quadrants of activities.

  • STORIES: Jewish teens across the globe connect with each other through sharing personal narratives

  • LEARNING: students foster relationship by joining together for interactive, meaningful online Jewish learning​

  • SOCIAL ACTION: through collaborative planning, action and reflection, Jewish teens will engage in organized chesed activities

  • CULTURE: teens will learn about their own Jewish culture and share it with others across the globe, ultimately creating an online museum of global Jewish culture


Through these four realms of international Jewish engagement, we seek to deepen Jewish identities, strengthen the global Jewish community, and contribute conscientious leadership to this generation.

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