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Sharing Your City's Jewish Story: 

What’s it like to be Jewish in your city?

Our Invitation

Our stories reveal where we come from, what we value, and where we hope to go.   

Different stories show what is similar and different about who we are.

As members of different Jewish communities within larger general cultures, we learn from/contribute to the societies around us.   


To demonstrate your own Jewish narrative, we invite you to create a project that describes

(a) the major influences in your city which affect you as a Jewish teen in your city;

(b) the major features of your Jewish community and

(c) what it is like to be a Jewish teanager in your city (challenges, opportunities).  



How to tell your story. In your video, begin with the broad view and gradually becoming more specific.  

1.  Brainstorm.

a.  With a group (of 3 or 4 or 5 or more?) , list major sites in your city which influence the broad culture of where you live (major social, cultural, political institutions or attractions).

b.  Next, list Jewish institutions or forces (religious, cultural, social action...) which play a key role in your Jewish life.

c.  Make a list of students who you would want to interview in order to express a range of personal perspectives on what it is like to be a Jewish teenager in your city.


2.  Decide.  Then decide (at least for now) which story or stories you want to tell. 


3.  Create.  Schedule and complete filming, recording, photographing, or interviewing your subjects. (Feel free to use an iPhone and iMovie to make this easy!)


4.  Edit.  Gather your materials and edit your video down to 3 minutes. Your final product can include video, images, words, music...


5.  Post and share with us.  Post your video on YouTube and send us the link.   Please note that videos uploaded or linked go through approval before they “go live”.

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