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A Challenge for

Chanukkah 2018

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Jewish tradition teaches us to place our Chanukiah on the outside of our door (or next to a window where it can be seen).

  • When do you feel safe (or unsafe) publicly demonstrating your Jewish identity? (Eg: do you feel safe wearing a Magen David? Wearing a Kippah? Walking into a synagogue?...)  Share a story or example.

  • How public are you, overall, with your Judaism? Share a story or example.

  • This Chanukkah, would you feel comfortable placing your Chanukiah  outside your door or in your window? Why/not?

  • Is it ever possible to feel too comfortable or too safe in your Jewish expression?

  • Do you ever feel like it would be easier to assimilate into your larger society?

Send us a 30-second video answering one or more of these questions. Thank you!

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