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Play the Pesach Game


  1. Select a tile below by clicking on it.

  2. Look carefully at the images on the tile.

  3. Discuss with a friend: What Pesach-related question are the images answering? (Feel free to choose from the bank of questions under the images.) Do you agree with the message of the images? What images would you add to answer the question?

  4. Create your own tile and send it to us; we'll add it to the game. Try to create tiles that relate to your own country and the culture you live in!

Here are some of the questions these images might be answering:

  • The Haggadah says: "This year we are still slaves."  How so? To what (or whom) are we currently enslaved?

  • What is freedom? (What is it now and what was it in the past?)

  • What does it mean to lead (your people)?

  • Who is a modern-day Pharaoh?

  • What are some modern-Day plagues?

  • What kinds of sacrifices are necessary to survive?

  • Can freedom sometimes be a burden? What are some challenges of being free?

  • Should we focus on our history, or look to the present and future? Both?

  • Are you open about being Jewish?

  • How can we truly feel as if we had been slaves?

  • What is the significance of the four children? What is so wicked about the wicked child? What is the significance of the child who does not know how to ask? Is there a benefit to labelling children as “types”?

  • Why do children ask the 4 Questions?

  • What questions should the adults ask?

  • In the Haggadah it says, “let all who are hungry come and eat”. What are our obligations to the tens of thousands of hungry people in our area/s?

  • Why do we hide the afikoman and then try to find it? What is its significance?  

  • Who was Elijah the Prophet, and why do we invite him to our Seder?

  • The Pesach story is a journey tale. Where did you go on one of your most important journeys -- and what did you learn?

  • With God’s help, Moses did the impossible. Have you or someone you know ever prayed for something that seemed impossible? What was the outcome?

  • Pesach is about generations talking and sharing with each other. Tell about a lesson you learned from a grandparent or other elder.

  • In the Torah, God describes the Exodus to the Israelite people this way: “I carried you on the wings of eagles.” Tell about a time you were cared for, loved and protected in a miraculous way.

  • Who in your life has escaped “slavery” of some kind and found freedom?

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