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2016: The Four Children

Charlene, Los Angeles
Each of the four children of Passover represent personality traits that a person withholds. Some people internally feel certain traits such as wisdom, yet on the outside portray other qualities like simplicity.
Talia, Los Angeles
People who are simple on the exterior can actually be rebellious and greatly vicious beneath the surface.
Ugvia T., Vilnius, Lithuania
Lexi, Los Angeles
In combination with bright and vibrant colors with dull shades of gray, the portrait shows the strength of friendship and all it can overcome through coming together and putting your own problems aside.
Alliyah, Los Angeles
At different moments, I am a different child, but sometimes, I even display characteristics of multiple children at once.
Abby, Los Angeles
[The] Speechless [child] does not yet have a determined identity and does not know how to express herself.
Megan, Los Angeles
These are tears of wisdom.
Kiana, Los Angeles
When looking in the mirror, you see your physical attributes, but as you look more closely and expose your emotions, you distinguish the unique characteristics, as well as the various layers that make up your identity.
Ariel, Los Angeles
I am always lost between different aspects of myself. But it’s ok. Different sides make me unique and different from everyone else.
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Micaela F., Panama
Nathanel M., Panama
Hanna L., Panama
Gabrielle H., Panama
Diego E., Panama
Camila B, Panama
Gabriel P., Panama
Victoria E., Panama
Tomas C., Panama
Tali B., Panama
Leah M., Panama
Thomas H., Panama
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2017: In Every Generation

Shaun, Los Angeles
People are immersed in a state of darkness and cannot break free from the cold that crashes down, but through hard times their longing for the sun’s warmth will set them free.
Sophia, Los Angeles
We are obligated to accept and help those currently fleeing from oppression, just as God liberated us with an open hand from Egypt.
Vasco, Panama
Tali, Panama
Jordan, Los Angeles
Personal fear and self doubt perpetuate the oppression of the Pharaoh.
Emma, Los Angeles
We can be reunited with our past in many different ways and it is important to hold onto our heritage.
Isaac B, Panama
Raquel, Panama
Candice, Los Angeles
Young Jews can find identity through past struggles that influenced their life today and allow them to enjoy a better tomorrow.
Santiago, Panama
Nethanial, Panama
In this drawing you can see the number 40, the number zero is a matza and around, the triangles make it see as if it were a sun, the meaning i want to give the drawing is that, after passing through the sea will be waiting 40 years ahead, that represents the road sign.
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Emma, Los Angeles

We can be reunited with our past in many different ways and it is important to hold onto our heritage.